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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I've mentioned that the advertising is a little different. Here are a couple examples.

Even McDonald's gets into free range eggs. Actually people are more concerned with the production of food (vs. just cost) than in the US. People will not eat eggs that aren't free range. There have been some big controversies over "industrial" food production. I saw almost no row crops, and dairy herds, beef cattle and pigs are kept on pasture. Dairy is very big with 4,000,000 dairy cows (that is one per person). They are big exporters to China and Japan.

This was a picture on the wall for beer. Sorry about the quality, but it was at night after I'd been sampling some (strictly research). I'm not quite sure why anyone would like a nice cold Virgin though.

This is from the sushi restaurant that I went into in Christchurch. A bit of false advertising as I didn't see anything on the menu like this.

I mentioned how the country is really crazy about rugby. That should be obvious about this clock doing a countdown to a tournament that is 74 weeks away. Actually I watched a fair amount of rugby while doing research on the drinking habits of Kiwis. I really like rugby and I would say it is more exciting to watch than American football. I think I heard that the length of the actual action (plays) in the Superbowl was less than 10 minutes. Rugby is pretty much two 40 minute halves with almost constant action and very little stopping in the game.

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