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Friday, April 16, 2010

Final (I think) Post

I've loaded a number of pictures that are representative of my trip. It was interesting looking back at them. The posting and arranging of pictures on the blog leaves something to be desired. I would have expected something easier from Google.

As I was looking at my blog, I realize that I made some predictions. One was that some famous people would die. I looked at a long list of who died, but there was only one that jumped out at me - Robert Culp from I Spy. I also said that health care would still be an issue. Even though a bill was passed and signed, it still seems to be a topic. I also said that Democrats and Republicans would still be fighting. I've come to the conclusion that bipartisanship is dead. The arguments have merely moved from health care to financial reform to judicial nominees. I don't think they will ever work together unless they believe it is to there political advantage, and in today's environment, that isn't going to happen for a while.

I looked at real estate prices in New Zealand - out of curiosity and at the request of a friend who thinks it might be a diversification for his portfolio and a safe haven if things go "south" in the US. Prices were really pretty reasonable and for the most part, on a par with the US. Auckland and the cities more expensive than the remote rural areas.

New Zealand is looking for immigrants, although I heard that it depends on your age. I heard the story of one retired couple that wanted to move there and they were required to show that they had $10 million in assets. I guess they don't want to take on that health care liability (they have "socialized" medicine there) unless you have some money. If you are younger and have a number of years being a productive member of society, come on over!

Thanks for all of the comments. I had a good time on the trip and enjoyed writing comments. It will give me something to go back to when I'm old and just have my memories!

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