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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sad Day on Farm

I'm back in Christchurch now and will be taking a train and ferry to Wellington tomorrow and then a train to Auckland and then a flight back home.

Before I left the farm, one of the goats (Hercules) who had been feeling poorly couldn't get up. He was a young male goat, but had been struggling with a variety of ailments. They called someone out to the farm to put him down. The goats on the farm are really pets and their job is to clear some of the rough growth (like gorse) from the pastures. The guy who came out to shoot the goat was a small man who was also one of the stunt doubles for Frodo.

The farm was a great experience and a nice change of pace from hotels and meals at restaurants. I think I'll look to see if we can host some workers at home. We got a lot accomplished on the farm. It always seems to work that way when you have somebody coming over to work.

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