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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back home

My first day back, Friday, I spent sorting through the 1,000+ e mails that I had. The next couple of days, I burned the parts of the property that my son had not been able to get to. Not wanting to overdo it, I took Monday off and went to the Cubs game (a tradition that has gone on for many, many years)! Tuesday and Wednesday were dealing with a computer that had viruses (this is my excuse for being late on the wrap up) and trying to get my tax return done (filed extension as there is one question that needs to be researched more to get the answer that is right for me!).

It was nice to find that my partners and other team members had done a great job at keeping everything going in my absence. Let's you know how easy it is to be replaced!

It was a great experience. I'm thinking that I'm going to go to S. America in 5 years for the next sabbatical. I'd like to do Machu Picchu and also maybe Brazil and Rio. Maybe I can go earlier and hit Carnival.

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